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Many addicts that have achieved success in their process of recovery have done so with the aid of sponsorship. Finding a sponsor that would guide an addict through the process of recovery is known to be an effective tool. However, it is common for an addict to have little or no idea of what the role of a sponsor is in their course of recovery.

The major role and responsibility of a sponsor is to help an addict with the steps required in the recovery process and this happens to be one of the most beneficial and closest relationships addict can develop in recovery.


Sponsorship in the process of recovery from addiction requires a person as a support and who has a vast knowledge about sobriety issues and is able to be responsible and be accountable to the addict. A sponsor is like a friend, mentor and confidant who guides an addict with issues of sobriety through the addiction recovery process.

Usually, a sponsor would have gone through the process and have acquired the experience needed to help another person. They usually have a considerable amount of time staying sober and continually work to sustain the principles acquired from the recovery process in their own lives.

On the other hand, it requires the addict that is sponsored and who is becoming just newly sober to be open and honest with the sponsor. This might be a daunting challenge because it might be something that are not used to doing. Nonetheless, it is an important and crucial way of developing a relationship of trust which is the basics for a long-term recovery.


            Sponsorship in addiction requires the addict to offer guidance, encouragement and support. There are other vital functions a sponsor carries out:

  • Motivation and inspiration which is needed by the addict in the process of recovery can be provided by a sponsor
  • A sponsor can teach the addict necessary steps in living a life free and void of addiction.
  • Sponsors are a great and reliable source of information required in addiction recovery which includes their own personal experiences and testimonies.
  • A sponsor is normally a good listener, and a person that can provide support and care for the addict
  • An addict should be able to be accountable and responsible to a sponsor hence it requires for the sponsor to be trustworthy
  • A sponsor is a nonjudgmental and understanding fellow
  • Guidance in building healthy relationships can be provided by the sponsor.