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Sponsoring a Recovering Addict

addict sponsorAs our society becomes more aware of what addiction is, people as a whole are becoming more compassionate toward the plight of an addict. What used to be seen as an undesirable quality in a person is now understood as a complex disease that requires a great deal of support and work in order to beat. That is why many people are asking what they can do to help recovering addicts. One thing that a drug or alcohol abuse rehab centers or support group is always in need of is people who are willing to sponsor a recovering addict to help them along the road of sobriety. A sponsor may lend support through in person meetings, phone calls or written communication.

In-person meetings between a sponsor and an addict are usually arranged in advance and are often reoccurring. Because a sponsor acts as an accountability partner, reoccurring meetings serve the purpose of checking on the recovering addict’s progress. They give the person the chance to talk with someone about their recovery, express how they are feeling, communicate any struggles they have been going through and receive advice, support and encouragement. In-person meetings are important because they usually achieve the most honest and personal communication.

One of the most important functions of a sponsor is to be available by phone when the recovering addict is in a time of need. A sponsor’s duty is to do everything within their power to encourage the addict to refrain from their addiction, so when something triggers them and they are in danger of relapsing, a support system that can be available at a moments notice is critical. A sponsor should be available most of the time, within reason, via phone to the recovering addict that they sponsor and be ready to do what they can to pull them back from relapse through love and encouragement.

Written communication between a sponsor and an addict can be particularly useful to people who express themselves well through writing. This form of communication is very valuable when a recovering addict needs to explore in depth their thoughts and feelings about their recovery journey recovery. Sponsors should be prepared to write well-thought out responses to any written communication they receive from the person they sponsor.

Volunteer as an Addict Sponsor

addict sponsor volunteerWhen you volunteer to be a sponsor for an addict, you are much more than just an acquaintance to them. You serve as an important reminder to them of the valuable lessons of recovery that will help them get their lives back on track. People who sponsor addicts are not paid for their work. It is entirely on a volunteer basis. Often times, sponsors are former addicts who fought for a recovery of their own, and can offer invaluable insight to the recovering addict who is looking to them for support. Addiction service centers and networks are in need of reliable sponsors and are eager to generate interest.

Addiction is a largely misunderstood thing. Addicts are often met with more criticism than they are met with support in the world. Even recovering addicts who are fighting so hard to regain their lives often get their faults thrown in their faces. Addict sponsors are available to addicts to counteract the negative judgments and stigmas that they encounter in the world. Where their support system may not be reliable enough to lift them up when they are struggling, a sponsor will fit the role of supporter and encourager. This simple gesture can make more of a difference than a whole pile of self-help books. There is no kind of help that people respond more dramatically to than that of a caring relationship.

If you have the desire and the ability to volunteer as a sponsor to an addict, the addiction treatment services industry would love to hear from you. Simply contact any rehabilitation center, addiction treatment facility or addiction support organization in your area to plug yourself into the network. There is typically a screening process to determine your eligibility to serve as a sponsor, but it is not rigorous. Simply demonstrate your compassion for addiction and your desire to serve and empathize with those who are struggling with it and you can begin your personal journey of serving those who want to make a recovery. North America contains many rehabilitation centers that could greatly benefit from sponsor volunteer services, such as the overtaxed substance abuse treatment centers in downtown Los Angeles or the overcrowded drug rehabs in British Columbia.